[mythtv-users] SOLUTION: Seek (FF / Fast foward) does not skip correctly

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 15:53:51 UTC 2005

On 30/06/05, Walt Howd <walthowd at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been struggling with this for the last few days, on my Xebian
> 1.0.3 system running MythTV 0.17 I wasn't able to skip or fast forward
> through recordings. All my searches through the archives indicated
> that this might be a problem with the recordedmarkup table, and a
> byproduct of transcoding and comm flagging. I ran all the mysqlcheck,
> everything came back clean. This is my second Xebian system, the first
> running 0.17 on my v.1.0 Xbox works fine.
> I tried everything I possibly could, I rebuilt MythTV from source,
> same issue. This frontend was the only one exhibiting this behaviour.
> When you would try to skip the system would freeze about 5-10 seconds
> and then the video would become garbled. The total time of the
> recording would vary too. Typically for a 30 minute recording the end
> time would start around 800 minutes then modulate from 35 minutes to
> 28 minutes. Interestingly older recordings that were from 0.16 would
> work fine.
> After three days...(I know, I'm slow. . .) I noticed that the
> /etc/localtime was linked to Vienna. The install for Xebian did *not*
> prompt me for the timezone during setup. I linked the /etc/localtime
> to my correct timezone, restarted the frontend and it all works fine.
> I just wanted to send this back to the list to be available for future
> records.
> Thanks all,
> Walt

Thanks for the tip - This implies to me that the SEEK/FF works, not by
moving a pointer through a file, but through some sort of sci-fi time
travel mechanism.  How else would actual time affect it?  :-)

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