[mythtv-users] IRBlaster w/ Dish receivers

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Jun 30 07:27:30 UTC 2005

Patrick Vaughan wrote:

> Anyway, the last time I looked it didn't seem possible (or at least 
> not documented) to control a Dish 301 (in room 2 with the Tivo) or a 
> Dish DVR 508 (my initial target, and almost useless as a DVR).  How 
> difficult is it to control the Dish DVR 508 with MythTV, and is it 
> documented anywhere?  And, what are my options for using a remote with 
> MythTV while using an IRBlaster to control the Dish receiver.

I've got a home-generated lircd.conf for Dish remote operation that 
specifies 3 channels (1, 6, and 9) so I could control up to 3 receivers 
(currently have 2).  I'm using it to successfully control a 4922 and a 
311 (which is basically a 301 that shipped with updated software that 
your 301 had to download).

The config specifies codes for every button on the remote.  It would be 
perfect if I could figure out how to convert the Pronto code for 
discrete on/off to a LIRC code (I've recorded hours of black when I 
forgot to turn my receivers back on after rebooting the receivers, do 
I'd love to have a power on in the channel change script.)

I've never missed a channel change--knock on wood--except once when 
power was out (my Myth box is on an UPS, but the Dish receivers kept 
blowing the batteries on UPS's--even with a single receiver in a 750VA 
UPS!!--so they're UPS-less).

Send me an e-mail (with mythtv in the subject) if you want a copy.


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