[mythtv-users] Re: tzap versus mythtv - DVB channel change issues

Doug Scoular dscoular at cisco.com
Thu Jun 30 03:36:41 UTC 2005

Hi Jon,

Jon Whitear wrote:

> Doug,
> I saw your post in the archive – but I’m not subscribed. Hence the 
> off-list reply.
> You shouldn’t need to scan for your second card. I have two DVB-T 
> cards in my Myth box. If you have the first one set up and working OK, 
> and then add a second one, you just need to associate the new card 
> with the existing ‘source’. In Mythtv setup, you configure the card, 
> then there’s a section for ‘input sources’ (I think) and you link the 
> card to you existing source. I don’t think you need to do anything else.
That's exactly what I did... both cards are
associated with a single source; "Australia".

I think blammo's posting is wrong... I don't think
I need to re-scan if I'm using the same source.
Although, I understand that I would definitely
have to re-scan if it was using a different source.

On both cards tuning to the "start channel"
works perfectly. However, the second card
fails if I try to change channels. tzap has no such
problem happily tuning to all channels on
all cards.

I suspect I'll have to recompile myth with
a whole lot of debug print statements and
try and figure out whats happening. I need
to get it to print out the details of what channel
it's trying to switch to. It may be that the very
new a800 driver is giving myth back buggy
signal levels. I need to figure out what is being
done differently between myth and tzap.

The ioctl's the tzap and myth use look pretty
identical so I think it's either a difference in
what they're trying to tune to or the resultant
signals being fed back after the tune attempt.



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