[mythtv-users] MythLCD?? is there a config file

Chris Henderson jchendo at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 04:10:35 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I have been busy working on the mythtv system. the backend/frontend is
downstairs and the Wife Approval Factor is at an all time high. :-)

I had the idea to use a Xbox as a frontend (she says its a bit noisy,
boy she doesn't ask much.) the money was a approved for the xbox, but
i remembered that i had a e-vetra sitting in a cupboard somewhere, and
while lurking on the forum i remembered that someone had got one of
these working. figuring that i could use the xbox funding to get
another DVB card (to make 2) and 200 gb HDD for storage.

Off to the mad scientist room and pull out the e-vectra. after a
little weirdness with the screen card not refreshing, a apt-get dist
upgrade fixed that. (apt-get is great, thanks to the ppl that maintain
it) I followed Jarods guide to the letter (great work Jarod, please
keep it up for newbi's like me) and low and behold i have the e-vectra
playing a recording i made.
A little shopping around and i found a gadget at jaycar (aus) called
"grand Hand View" by grandtec. (stock code XC4870) $89 (79 on special)
the quality is not bad, but i have nothing to compare it to.

The question i have is, i am using 0.18.1 and i have enabled MythLCD
in the appearance section of setup. But there does not seem to be a
'setup' section. From all the searching on the Gossamer threads
archive and googling i was able to find out that it runs a lcdproc
backend and myth just feeds it info. Cool.
the archive has nothing recent on it. it all seems to be info on the
CVS version before it made it into the 0.18.1 release. I also googled
to see if any one had a home page regarding this. no luck there.

The bit of info i was able to find was something about a
'settings.pro' file and then edit your mythconverge db. but a quick
locate on settings.pro only found
/usr/share/services/settings.protocol and it had nothing about an LCD

I did some reading on the LCDPROC home page but it doesn't seem to
relate to myth or i cant make anything of it. I am guessing that
somewhere you will have to tell lcdproc that i am using a HD447780
20X4 line Parallel display.

SO could anyone help me get this thing to work.


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