[mythtv-users] Re: tzap versus mythtv - DVB channel change issues

Doug Scoular dscoular at cisco.com
Thu Jun 30 01:03:19 UTC 2005

Hi Blammo et al,

On June 28th, 2005, blammo [doh] wrote:

> On 6/27/05, Doug Scoular <dscoular at cisco.com> wrote:
> > However, when I fire up MythTV I have problems.
> >
> > MythTV has no problem tuning to the start channel (10),
> > but if I try and change channels it fails to get lock
> > and I see the following in the logs:
> Have you re-done a channel scan from mythtv-setup since you added the
> other card? that looks like a PID problem to me. 

    I hadn't because I thought since they share the
    same antenna they would use the same channel
    source details. I thought tuning to "ABC Sydney"
    on either card would pick up a single PID.

    I fired up mythtv-setup and, you are right, you can
    specify which card to use during the "scan" so I
    tried another scan... but I can't really see what
    to do next... presumably it finds the same channels
    but after that... do I need to do something to associate
    them with a channel number ?

    For example, if my first Nova-T DVB-T card has
    tuned to "ABC Sydney" and I've associated that
    with channel number 2, then my second card
    (the AverMedia AverTV USB 2.0 DVB-T) card
    scans and finds "ABC Sydney" and I want it to
    be associated with channel number 2 regardless
    of which card I'm viewing through... do I need
    to do anything more ?

    I'm fairly confused I have to admit!

    Also, full scans never seem to work here in Sydney, Australia.
    I always have to manually enter the transport frequencies and
    then use "scan existing transports" to find any channels.

    Any words of wisdom much appreciated.



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