[mythtv-users] Determining State of Set Top Box

George Nassas gnassas at mac.com
Mon Jun 27 15:31:04 UTC 2005

On 27-Jun-05, at 9:26 AM, Derek Battams wrote:

> My quick scan of Google suggests that there is no discrete code 
> available for
> Scientific Atlanta boxes (specifically, I have the Explorer 3200 
> model).  Can
> anyone on the list prove me wrong? :-)

You may have already found this one in your searches:


the relevant post is down a bit past halfway, search for "just not 
there yet". Sounds like a no-go.

I have the same problem with an sa3200. The best I could do was put 
together a script that tries to sense the state based on 
characteristics of the video coming in. The VBI part as I recall. It's 
on my sister's machine and I don't have a copy of the script. Anyway it 
fails about 5% of the time but it seems OK for her as there are lots of 
repeats on the stuff she records. Someone suggested ivctl -l earlier, I 
believe I tried that and it didn't work, ie, I get an "OK video" 
message whether but 3200 is on or off.

- George
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