[mythtv-users] Direct TV implementation?

Gavin Haslett gavin at nodecaf.net
Sun Jun 26 14:57:50 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-06-24 at 14:17 -0400, David Morris wrote:
> DirecTivo works so well that I don't use Myth's TV functionality at all 
> -- the Myth box is strictly a video/DVD/audio convergence appliance for 
> me, which it does very well.  Our DirectTivo's  (I have two, and am 
> looking at maybe 2 more to replace my other two DTV receivers) handles 
> all the timeshifting and scheduled recordings on our house, because 
> frankly Tivo is hard to beat for what it does.

This really comes down to a personal feeling. I have a DirecTivo as
well, series 1. I must admit that I agree, it worked damned well, but to
me the Myth box made more sense. There was more I wanted to do with my
entertainment center (including a very nice audio setup) than just watch
TV, so the convergence made sense. Add to that the fact that I wanted to
reduce the number of remotes in my setup rather than increase and the
Myth box made a lot more sense. As it was before, my DirecTivo had
problems with volume control, so I used three remotes; one for the
receiver, one for the DirecTivo and one for the TV (for picture
adjustment that my DTivo didn't like doing either). As it is I now have
one remote that does everything... well except turning the TV on and
off, but I can always hit the button when I walk past the TV.

It comes down to what you NEED out of these kind of systems. Sure,
DirecTivo did the job perfectly adequately, but adequate wasn't enough
for my tastes. My DirecTivo is now gathering dust in my basement.
Considered putting it in my master bedroom, but decided I'd probably
rather install a frontend up there. Cat 5 is cheap (and I have a 1000
foot spool here with 600 feet left!)

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