[mythtv-users] Direct TV implementation?

David Morris mythtv at morrisonthenet.com
Fri Jun 24 18:17:59 UTC 2005

If you're getting a DirecTivo box, why would you get a splitter?  
Splitters don't really work with sat feeds anyway, unless you don't mind 
changing channels on one box when you change the channels on the other.  
The DirecTivo has 2 satellite inputs that requires 2 independant LNB 
feeds.  What you need is a multi-switch that lets you convert a dual-LNB 
dish input into multiple (4, 8, or more) independant satellite outputs.

DirecTivo works so well that I don't use Myth's TV functionality at all 
-- the Myth box is strictly a video/DVD/audio convergence appliance for 
me, which it does very well.  Our DirectTivo's  (I have two, and am 
looking at maybe 2 more to replace my other two DTV receivers) handles 
all the timeshifting and scheduled recordings on our house, because 
frankly Tivo is hard to beat for what it does.


Jim Trudell wrote:

>I'm just going to pick up one of them DirecTiVo boxes like mentioned and a
>satelite signal splitter and stick my account card into it.  Done deal.  Not
>quite as functional as a Myth box, but atleast i wont need dual boxes and a
>splitter and a PC to do a similar job.
>Thanks again, i love the idea of MythTV but its not easilly done with
>DirectTV, if i had cable, i'd be all over.
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