[mythtv-users] Intel vs AMD for Myth - dual core....

Mudit Wahal mwahal at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 05:58:18 UTC 2005

As of now, I can make the LP2 go backend into watch TV mode.

I've hardcoded that if "LiveTV" directory is selected, the wizd server
will open a connection with backend and try to change to LiveTV. That
will create ringbuf1.nuv file in the LiveTV directory (which is
symlink to /cache/cache).

Then I can select the ringbuf1.nuv file and play it :-)
Now the problem is ringbuf1.nuv file size is increasing. But the
wizd/LP2 only knows the filesize when the user has clicked on the link
to play the file (which may be few kbs/mbps initially).

So, now I need to fake it such that wizd player things ringbuf1.nuv
file is 10GB. That will make sure that LP2 will always request more
data to be played and not content with the actual file size. I'll try
this tomorrow/weekend.

The problem of changing channel is still there, the Range=0- has some
issues. And I'm not able to send any damn keys to the server. All the
remote keys are trapped by the LP2 and invalid is displayed. So, I'm
may retort to changing channels via special file names :-)


On 6/23/05, Brad Fuller <bradallenfuller at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Mudit Wahal wrote:
> > The dual core will only help you in transcoding from mpeg2 to mpeg4.
> > My HD setup is HD3000, Sempron 3000+, 512MB DDR for backend.
> > For frontend, I've IOData AVeL Link Player 2.
> >
> How well is that working? Haven't seent a "progress" report on your new
> AVL LP2.
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