[mythtv-users] [slightly OT] Radio Shack 15-2116 remote control

Scott catfather at donpoo.net
Thu Jun 23 12:41:35 UTC 2005

On Jun 23, 2005, at 4:30 AM, Fedor Pikus wrote:

> On 6/22/05, Robert Tsai <rtsai1111 at comcast.net> wrote:
>> I learned the volume keys to my audio receiver (a DVD
>> home-theater-in-a-box), but noticed that I can't just hold down the
>> volume key on the remote control. To get more than one "tick" of
>> volume adjustment, I have to repeatedly press and release the RS
>> 15-2116 volume key (e.g., I can't just hold down the 15-2116 volume
>> key for a "big" volume adjustment).
>> Is this normal? Is there a trick to being able to just hold down the
>> volume key and have it work? This happens whether I'm in "My System"
>> mode or "DVD" mode.
>> The stock audio receiver remote control allows me to hold down the
>> button.
> It's not how my 15-2116 works, and it's not how most remotes work, so
> I'd guess not normal. But if the regular audio receiver volume works
> normally, then all you need is to enable volume lock (it forces volume
> key to operate in one mode even when remote is in other modes) or use
> keymover to copy volume keys from receiver mode to dvd mode.

I've been a victim of owning several AV receivers and remotes. For me  
I find the norm is more like Robert describes. Holding down the   
volume key on the remote continuously lowers or raises the volume  
until the key is released. I also own the 639 Harmony remote and can  
confirm the volume key works the same.

I've had remotes like the 15-2116 as well where holding down the key  
sends only one IR code instead of sending a repeating IR code. Having  
not owned the 15-2116 I'm assuming that's what is happening.

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