[mythtv-users] Playing MPEG2 nuv files under windows

Ari Suutari ari at suutari.iki.fi
Thu Jun 23 06:31:40 UTC 2005


Michael Anthon wrote:
> What do people suggest for playing an MPEG2 nuv file under windows.  The 
> file is recorded in TS mode from a DVB card.
> I find that I can play these using Nero Showtime but not with WMP or 
> VLC.  This is fine for my desktop but my wife wants to watch some stuff 
> on her (work) laptop that has WMP only.

I have been trying to use VLC. It works fine for some channels in Finland,
but some are missing sound (problematic channels are those that are using
DVB subtitling, but I don't know if it is related to this at all).

I have both Freevo and mythtv installed. If I record with Freevo, VLC works
OK for all channels (even dvb subtitles work !). So there must still be something
wrong in mythtv TS recording mode.

If you don't need dbv subtitles you could try mplayer on windows. It is not
so picky about mpeg correctless as VLC.

     Ari S.

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