[mythtv-users] Playing MPEG2 nuv files under windows

Michael Anthon michael at anthon.net
Thu Jun 23 06:11:25 UTC 2005

What do people suggest for playing an MPEG2 nuv file under windows.  The 
file is recorded in TS mode from a DVB card.

I find that I can play these using Nero Showtime but not with WMP or 
VLC.  This is fine for my desktop but my wife wants to watch some stuff 
on her (work) laptop that has WMP only.  I definitely can't install 
Showtime on there (because it refuses to install unless the machine 
contains a suitable CD/DVD burner since it was bundled with my burner).

The odd thing is that I was able to dump a video stream using the 

dvbstream -qam 64 -cr 3_4 -gi 16 -bw 7 -tm 8 -f 191625 -ps -o 513 660 > test.mpg

This stream was playable in WMP and VLC but not in Showtime!  This video 
stuff is all rather confusing.

I have also tried to transcode to mpeg4.  This is playable then in WMP 
but I don't really wish to transcode since the backend machine is only a 
celeron 466, the transcode speed is somewhat abysmal.

Any suggestions on how to proceed greatly appreciated.

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