[mythtv-users] Feature wish: identify recording type

Devan Lippman devan.lippman at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 04:44:11 UTC 2005

On 6/22/05, George Nassas <gnassas at mac.com> wrote:
> I took a quick look at the code, possibly too quick, and it seems that
> all the info displayed in the program details dialog comes from the
> ProgramInfo class. 

Takes some wondering through classes and functions before getting to the 
screen, last time I took a gander I was modifying at least 4 files and 
didn't have the time.

It gets all its information from the database and
> recording type isn't currently stored there so it would have to be
> added which sounds like a major minor change (eg, small changes in many
> places). Alternatively, the recording file itself could be examined but
> since every other bit of data supplied by ProgramInfo comes from the
> database hitting the filesystem might be an architectural no no. 

It might be possible to add a column to the table for this data or even just 
a isTranscoded type of thing which could be filled by the job queue engine 
in the final stages of the transcoding. Looking at the file would probably 
end up taking longer than a simple sql query that is already happening.

For one thing if the frontend uses that class it would have to have access
> to the recordings directory which is optional right now.

Def don't want to see the recordings folder be required on the frontend.

But its been a while since I looked so things could've changed both in the 
code and in my head.

Devan Lippman <devan at lippman.net>
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