[mythtv-users] bigger fonts please

John Gruenenfelder johng at as.arizona.edu
Wed Jun 22 22:03:12 UTC 2005

On Wed, Jun 22, 2005 at 08:48:26AM -0700, Daniel Segel wrote:
>Change or add a DisplaySize line in your Xorg.conf (or equivalent) 
>Monitor section. You can make the fonts huge that way if you want.
>Start with:
>DisplaySize 182 121
>and then try values like 150 100 and 300 200 instead. Restart the X 
>server after each change and note the difference.

I see this solution posted all the time.  I used this solution to make X think
I was using a 100 dpi display so the fonts would be bigger.

However... is this *really* the solution?  What about all the font size
options in the Myth config?  You can set the point sizes for small, medium,
and large fonts.  On my machine, changing those has never done anything and I
don't know why.  That's why I eventually used the dpi hack method.

>From reading the other messages, it seems that most people try changing the
font sizes first, then fall back to changing the dpi when that doesn't work.

So... what's wrong?  Why don't the font items in the config menu change
anything?  Does it have to do with the environment?  I'm running Myth on a
Debian machine using AfterStep as my WM.  Aside from font issues, I haven't
had any problems at all.

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