[mythtv-users] bigger fonts please

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Jun 22 16:59:28 UTC 2005

Daniel Segel wrote:

> Tachtevrenidis, Kosta wrote:
>> does anybody know how to make the mythtv interface font bigger? I can 
>> change the font size on the mythtv interface menus but when it comes 
>> to the main menus like the "Watch TV" button, I can not change it a bit.
>> Also if someone know how to change the font of the program guide, 
>> that would be way helpful. I managed to change the font of the OSD 
>> but that was it.
> Change or add a DisplaySize line in your Xorg.conf (or equivalent) 
> Monitor section. You can make the fonts huge that way if you want.
> Start with:
> DisplaySize 182 121
> and then try values like 150 100 and 300 200 instead. Restart the X 
> server after each change and note the difference.

Note that doing this will change X's computed DPI:

       DisplaySize  width height
              This optional entry gives the width and height, in  
              of  the  picture  area  of the monitor. If given this is 
used to
              calculate the horizontal and vertical pitch (DPI) of the 

which will result in images and text failing to line up properly in 
several themes (i.e. arrows will be too high/low in the MythVideo List 
view, "highlighted" or "boxed in" text may not appear in the 
highlight/box, etc.) since the themes are designed for displays using 
100 dpi.

A better way to change fonts (assuming the theme designer did not 
provide for changes using small/default/big font settings--which can be 
changed in setup) is to customize the theme and specify the desired font 
sizes.  Search the archives for more info on how to do this (especially 
how to do it without having to edit the theme every time you upgrade).


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