[mythtv-users] Wrong colors on EPIA S-Video TVout :-(

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Wed Jun 22 20:18:48 UTC 2005

Hello World,

I have problem with screen quality on S-Video TV-Out on my EPIA M10k &
KnoppMyth 5A16 (the same problem with 5A12 2& 5A15.1).

-EPIA M10k (latest BIOS 1.16)
-KnoppMyth 5A16

HW was tested with MCE2k5 - colors are OK, so it isn't problem of HW.

Using LCD attached to VGA also gives all OK (proper colors, etc).

Connecting TV via S-Video gives wrong colors and "16 colors depth"
symptoms (only few, errant colors on TV with coarse transitions between

Have somebody how to resolve this issue ?

cYa, 3.14iotr/2
Nie ma złych systemów operacyjnych. Może tylko brakować alkoholu !!!
W takiej sytuacji dobry programista wiesza się wraz z programem.... ;-P
Hiroshima'45;   Czernobyl'86;   Windows'95

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