[mythtv-users] Re: musicmetadata table recreation

Paul mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Wed Jun 22 19:17:55 UTC 2005

>In an attempt to clean out some stale entries, I accidentally did a
>'drop table musicmetadata; '
>instead of 'delete from musicmetadata;'

>I recreated the table from the latest schema, restarted the backend, and
>reloading frontend. Goto Play music, it goes through the motions of reading
>the music, and then... nothing shows. Forced update under settings, and
>again goes through the motions, and still nothing!

>I see the following error for each attempt:
>metadata.o: You don't seem to have any tracks. That's ok with me if it's ok
>with you.

>What could be causing this?


I'd try with fresh MythMusic db tables.
You can force MythMusic to recreate the database tables like this

DROP TABLE musicmetadata;
DROP TABLE musicplaylist;
DELETE FROM settings WHERE value='MusicDBSchemaVer';

the next time you run mythmusic it will recreate the tables. You will
then have to rescan your music. You will loose all your playlists
and smartplayists though.


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