[mythtv-users] More problems with non-master backend

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Wed Jun 22 15:50:08 UTC 2005

> >>> michael at anthon.net 06/22/05 10:54 AM >>>
> >What do I need to do to the mythbackend startup scripts 
> >to tell it to connect to a remote mysql installation for mythtv?
> >  
> >
> Run mythtv-setup on the new machine and configure the database 
> address and credentials in there I think
> Cheers,
> Michael

I don't need to run  the setup (already did), but I did modify 
mysql.txt in both /root/.mythtv/mysql.txt and 
/home/mythtv/.mythtv/mysql.txt to point to the master db ip address
and it has the correct user name and password.

I can run the frontend on this new machine ok, I just can't get the 
backend started.


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