[mythtv-users] Is this a "fatal" error ?

Jim Reith reith at racores.com
Tue Jun 21 15:21:55 UTC 2005

>  > Well, as much as I appreciate the effort everyone
>>  has put into the
>>  HowTo's There has been a major change in going to
>>  R5A15 from the R4
>>  versions. The current HowTo's use the older syntax
>>  and the new
>>  software complains about the befores and afters and
>>  the
>>  post-installs. I was able to finally piece together
>>  my system from
>>  several topics and couldn't get the final piece to
>>  get past the
>>  purple and green screen and "no device". I finally
>>  found the pvr.pl
>>  script and ran that, which them put the old style
>>  format back into
>>  ivtv and left me with an XF86Config-4 with no device
>>  and no link for
>>  the Hex from lspci -v (all zeros) and so when I put
>>  my old ivtv and
>>  XF86Config-4 from the backups (gdm.conf was the
>>  same) and rebooted,
>>  it actually came up and is running. So I was close,
>>  but there was no
>>  place along the way that had the complete solution.
>>  I will try to
>>  document the various file changes but pvr.pl did
>>  something I hadn't
>>  so I'll have to look at it and see what I missed.
>>  As I said, I appreciate the work people have done to
>>  get the system
>>  up, but we need to indicate which version things are
>>  done with so we
>>  can figure out which set to work from
>I hate to point this out but the guide this thread is
>referring to is titled "Fedora Myth(TV)ology::HOWTO".
>It appears that you are using Knoppmyth.  Now I have
>used Jarod's guide several times, most recently with
>FedoraCore 3 but I found it useful even when
>installing myth on slackware.  Some things didn't
>apply to slackware but I didn't feel the need to
>criticize Jarod simply because I chose a different
>distro than he.

and keep in mind that I'm not the original poster, just someone else
that's had trouble using all the guides that have been pointed out in
all the various archived threads. This is a volatile section since
PVR-350 video out is really new

Jim (aka !Nick)

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