[mythtv-users] Is this a "fatal" error ?

Howard Cokl hojoloco at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 21 14:41:51 UTC 2005

--- Jim Reith <reith at racores.com> wrote:

> >On 6/21/05, todd <toddb at toddbailey.net> wrote:
> >>  OK, working on my 4th reinstall and I see from
> prior installs I forgot
> >>  to exec this.
> >>
> >>  [root at linus mythtv]# /sbin/modprobe ivtv-fb
> >>  FATAL: Error inserting ivtv_fb
> >> 
> >>  Operation not permitted
> >>  [root at linus mythtv]#
> >>
> >>  I am running this on a haup. pvr-250 card.
> >>
> >>  can I ignore this or do we have a problem to
> research further.
> >>
> >>  this in out of the install ivtv config section
> of " Wilsons how to...
> >
> >... for configuring output from the PVR-350 card.
> This only appears if
> >you consciously open the normally-hidden section
> dedicated to PVR-350
> >output.
> >
> >Please stop bashing Jarod's guide (which you manage
> to do in nearly
> >every post). A large number of people (with
> apparently much less
> >computing knowledge than you profess to) have
> successfully built
> >systems using this guide, myself included. If you
> try and setup
> >hardware that you don't even have, you will have
> problems.
> >
> >If you spot a problem, notify the author. If you
> come across a problem
> >in MythTV, submit a patch if you are able to.
> Nobody said that MythTV
> >is production quality (although a lot of us find it
> stable enough).
> >That's why the release is at 0.18. Finally, Google,
> Google Groups and
> >the mythtv-users archive are invaluable - there's a
> huge amount of
> >useful information available there.
> >
> >Nick
> >
> >BTW, your website's index page is not index.htm.
> You may want to fix
> >the broken links. And freelance is one word ...
> Well, as much as I appreciate the effort everyone
> has put into the
> HowTo's There has been a major change in going to
> R5A15 from the R4
> versions. The current HowTo's use the older syntax
> and the new
> software complains about the befores and afters and
> the
> post-installs. I was able to finally piece together
> my system from
> several topics and couldn't get the final piece to
> get past the
> purple and green screen and "no device". I finally
> found the pvr.pl
> script and ran that, which them put the old style
> format back into
> ivtv and left me with an XF86Config-4 with no device
> and no link for
> the Hex from lspci -v (all zeros) and so when I put
> my old ivtv and
> XF86Config-4 from the backups (gdm.conf was the
> same) and rebooted,
> it actually came up and is running. So I was close,
> but there was no
> place along the way that had the complete solution.
> I will try to
> document the various file changes but pvr.pl did
> something I hadn't
> so I'll have to look at it and see what I missed.
> As I said, I appreciate the work people have done to
> get the system
> up, but we need to indicate which version things are
> done with so we
> can figure out which set to work from

I hate to point this out but the guide this thread is
referring to is titled "Fedora Myth(TV)ology::HOWTO". 
It appears that you are using Knoppmyth.  Now I have
used Jarod's guide several times, most recently with
FedoraCore 3 but I found it useful even when
installing myth on slackware.  Some things didn't
apply to slackware but I didn't feel the need to
criticize Jarod simply because I chose a different
distro than he.

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