[mythtv-users] OT: Help choosing an antenna for ATSC

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Tue Jun 21 00:38:11 UTC 2005

Jason Weinstein wrote:
> So, if possible, I'd like to replace my antenna with an
> omnidirectional UHF-only one. Of the 5 stations I am trying to
> receive, 3 have transmitters that are located 1.7 miles from me at 208
> degrees, and 2 have transmitters 8 miles from me at 17 degrees. There
> are some surrounding tall trees twoards the South of my home.

These clusters are fairly close to 180 degrees from one another, and
fairly close to you, so you might try a bowtie-type antenna, perhaps
even pulling the reflector off one like this one:

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