[mythtv-users] PVR350, CC, and mythdvd

Scott catfather at donpoo.net
Mon Jun 20 03:58:40 UTC 2005

On Jun 19, 2005, at 6:36 PM, GREG & AMY LINDLEY wrote:

> Right, I can get that much working also.  What I need to be able to  
> do is pass the VBI data to the TV so that the TV can display the  
> CC.  Is anybody able to do this or has anyone tried?

One of the primary reasons I use MythTV is for DVD/VOB playback with  
CC to a DLP projector which has no CC decoder.

Rather than passing the VBI data from the DVD/VOB out for the TV to  
decode why don't you have Xine or mplayer decode the CC and display  
them along with the video? This works great for me when used with  
DVDs and for DVDs that don't have CC I fall back to EN subtitles.

The magic lines in my ~/.xine/config are:

Or in my ~/.mplayer/config I use:
     subcc = on

Remember, not all DVDs have CC. Some clam to have CC on the back of  
the box but actually use EN subtitles in place of CC data. If you're  
unsure test out your DVD in a standard DVD player with your TV set to  
CC1 decode and DVD subtitles off.

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