[mythtv-users] PVR350, CC, and mythdvd

GREG & AMY LINDLEY glindley2 at msn.com
Mon Jun 20 14:58:18 UTC 2005


Thanks for the info and I have looked into these options already.  It sounds 
like I need to explain things a little better.  We use a tvguardian to 
filter some of the language in our movies.  This allows us to watch movies 
as a family that we wouldn't normally watch.  This only works off the CC/VBI 
data.  If I can't get this working, my little project appears to be a bust 
and the DVD player has to go back in.  If nobody has this working on the 
350, does anyone have other options that do work?


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>Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] PVR350, CC, and mythdvd
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>On Jun 19, 2005, at 6:36 PM, GREG & AMY LINDLEY wrote:
>>Right, I can get that much working also.  What I need to be able to  do is 
>>pass the VBI data to the TV so that the TV can display the  CC.  Is 
>>anybody able to do this or has anyone tried?
>One of the primary reasons I use MythTV is for DVD/VOB playback with  CC to 
>a DLP projector which has no CC decoder.
>Rather than passing the VBI data from the DVD/VOB out for the TV to  decode 
>why don't you have Xine or mplayer decode the CC and display  them along 
>with the video? This works great for me when used with  DVDs and for DVDs 
>that don't have CC I fall back to EN subtitles.
>The magic lines in my ~/.xine/config are:
>     subtitles.closedcaption.center:0
>     subtitles.closedcaption.enabled:1
>     subtitles.closedcaption.font_size:16
>Or in my ~/.mplayer/config I use:
>     subcc = on
>Remember, not all DVDs have CC. Some clam to have CC on the back of  the 
>box but actually use EN subtitles in place of CC data. If you're  unsure 
>test out your DVD in a standard DVD player with your TV set to  CC1 decode 
>and DVD subtitles off.
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