[mythtv-users] MythTV and ivtv driver errors

Chera Bekker hbekker at introweb.nl
Sun Jun 19 16:44:07 UTC 2005

Hello Listmembers,

My system: AMD Athlon XP 3000+, Geforce 6600GT, 1 GB ram, Hauppauge
WinTV PVR 150.

After some tweaking I got MythTv to work with the 0.3.3k ivtv drivers on
Gentoo linux. I can watch TV and record but I do see occasional MPEG
errors in the image and dmesg shows a steady stream of ivtv errors like:

    ivtv: ENC IRQ OVERFLOW: #36842 Stealing a Buffer, 2 currently allocated

Mythfrontend gives errors like:

    [mpeg2video @ 0xb7927810]invalid mb type in I Frame at 44 35
    [mpeg2video @ 0xb7927810]ac-tex damaged at 43 35
    [mpeg2video @ 0xb7927810]ac-tex damaged at 21 21
    [mpeg2video @ 0xb7927810]Warning MVs not available

What is the cause of this error? When I use mplayer with ptune-ui I can
watch TV without any problem and I don't see the ivtv errors.

Should I tweak the livetv and recording profiles to increase or decrease
the data rate? I already changed the resolution of all profiles to PAL

The stream type for all profilss is MPEG2 PS. Does it make sense to
change this?

Any pointers would be very welcome. I have looked through all the info I
could find but nobody addressed this issue.


Chera Bekker

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