[mythtv-users] Via M10000

Paul Bender pbender at qualcomm.com
Sun Jun 19 15:42:57 UTC 2005

> I Am checking out the specs on the Via M10000, this has a VIA C3/EDEN EBGA
> Processor.
> I assume this is an x86 based Processor, that is fully supported by Linux
> (Just doing a Sanity check that I have found the correct supported
> board!).
> I want a front end that does HW Decode of MPEG.

As was mentioned, the VIA EPIA M10000 is supported. However, you may want
to answer a few more questions before you decide on a particular board.

Two questions come to mind.

(1) What resolution is your MPEG2 video? In particular, do you want to
play HDTV quality MPEG2? If so, then you will need a board with the CN400
(e.g., VIA EPIA SP8000E, VIA EPIA SP13000, Commell LV-667), because boards
with the CLE266 (e.g., VIA EPIA M10000) cannot decode HTDV quality MPEG2.

(2) How do you plan to connect to your television? All boards have VGA
output. The VIA EPIA M10000 has S-Video that is supported by the drivers.
The VIA EPIA SP8000E and the VIA EPIA SP13000 have S-Video for which
preliminary support has just been added to the drivers. The Commell
LV-667T has Component for which partial support is available through a
patch to the drivers. The Commell LV-667D has DVI-D for which there is no
driver support.

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