[mythtv-users] Couldn't read data and encrypted channels

Johan Tufberg tufberg at home.se
Sun Jun 19 11:10:43 UTC 2005


I'm running Myth on my gentoo box compiled from CVS. I've got the FTA 
channels showing ok and switching between LNB:s works good :-)

But when I try to watch an encrypted channel I get "Couldn't read data 
from the capture card in 15 seconds. Stopping." Before this I see log 
entries about my CA system and that it finds the correct key for the 

So there seems to be a problem with decrypting the channels, but what? 
Anybody got some good advice on how to troubleshoot? How to turn on 
debugging for my card, not just myth debugging? I have a FF TechnoTrend 
DVB-S rev 1.3?


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