[mythtv-users] Re: Myxer Update - This time its a BIG one! (and probably the last one for a while....)

Robert Johnston anaerin at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 04:01:42 UTC 2005

Actually, there is a "Fix" for PNG's in IE. A .HTC that you assign to
img tags to load the PNG into the Microsoft.LoadAlpha.PNG (Or whatever
it's called) class transparently (Pardon the pun).

IIRC, it was on http://webfx.eae.net

On 6/18/05, Dave Hofstra <dhofstra at gmail.com> wrote:
> Very cool.  Thanks for putting all that work into it!  I think my new
> html pages kinda cover the same thing you are doing, but I'd like to
> see your finished product.  I have no php skills, so I just made
> thumbnails of all the items on Myxer's website.
> I think what people are looking for eventually is some kind of php
> thingy that would have like one area about 480 pixels at the bottom of
> the screen that shows a little preview of mythfrontend's main menu,
> and by selecting buttons or icons or whatever from little drop-down
> lists, they could change the preview at the bottom of the screen.
> That'd be pretty wicked for sure!
> IMPORTANT NOTE:  the links to Myxer on your site actually point to
> MythCenter website.  Myxer's website is actually..
> http://lisadaveh.home.comcast.net/myxer
> Inline comments below
> > - transparent png's: very nice, but resizing with php is not so easy and
> > internet explorer can not show them decently
> What's this 'Internet Explorer' thing you mention?  I thought using a
> non-standards-compliant browser disappeared in the last ice age.  It's
> like driving a car that only works on some of the roads.  heh
> Transparent png's are a must for most of these buttons because most of
> them 'fade' out, or have a semi-transparent shadow.  To my knowledge,
> jpg will not handle this as well.
> > - a typo: it's button_blue_square_flat_bluetwo.png and not
> > button_blue_sqare_flat_bluetwo.png
> Only one? Amazing.  heh, I'll fix that this weekend.
> > - I tried to sort the backgrounds because each color has the same 4 "types",
> > but then I realised, why not let the user create his own background?  Give
> > him a type and let choose him the color.  To be implemented somehow ....
> That'd be cool.  I suspect most people won't/don't use the ver1
> bacgrounds.  They were really a exercise in concept.  I am not really
> happy with the variations in colors, and the poor quality of
> compression on some of the colors.  I will think about making the
> type-->color choice options in the future.  My only problem is I may
> eventually scrap some of them in favor of a more nicely done set.
> We'll see.
> This Monday the pool goes in, I have been chopping lumber from trees I
> had trimmed, messing with the stupid septic system (which actually
> turns out to have 2 fields instead of just one), running buried
> electrical to the pool area, tearing down portions of my deck, dealing
> with delivery people, dealing with installers, dealing with
> electricians, and moving a garden of rocks to the other side of the
> house.  I can hardly type this email, I hurt so bad.  Myxer is likely
> to slow down for a week or two. heh
> I plan on making the above changes this weekend, and my next project
> is contacting some 10 KDE icon creators I found on kde-look.org.  I
> would like to see if I can get at least 5 more sets of icons for
> people to choose from.  All of the icons I am thinking about are GPL'd
> or LGPL'd or DSL or Artistic2.0 liscensed.  I would think the first
> three should be no problem to include, but anyone in the 'know' could
> tell me more if they like.
> > Maybe some of this is implemented in the new MythUI concept, I don't know.
> > It will be next week before I can do some more work on this.
> I wonder what timeline the MythUI concept is on, and if we might end
> up with a 'Myxer' type selection where all aspects of the UI are
> separate.  That way people could just come up with iconsets, or
> buttons rather than whole themes, and theme quality is bound to soar
> if that is the case.
> Dave Hofstra
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