[mythtv-users] Re: Myxer Update - This time its a BIG one! (and probably the last one for a while....)

Dave Hofstra dhofstra at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 00:43:44 UTC 2005

Very cool.  Thanks for putting all that work into it!  I think my new
html pages kinda cover the same thing you are doing, but I'd like to
see your finished product.  I have no php skills, so I just made
thumbnails of all the items on Myxer's website.

I think what people are looking for eventually is some kind of php
thingy that would have like one area about 480 pixels at the bottom of
the screen that shows a little preview of mythfrontend's main menu,
and by selecting buttons or icons or whatever from little drop-down
lists, they could change the preview at the bottom of the screen. 
That'd be pretty wicked for sure!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  the links to Myxer on your site actually point to
MythCenter website.  Myxer's website is actually..


Inline comments below  

> - transparent png's: very nice, but resizing with php is not so easy and
> internet explorer can not show them decently

What's this 'Internet Explorer' thing you mention?  I thought using a
non-standards-compliant browser disappeared in the last ice age.  It's
like driving a car that only works on some of the roads.  heh

Transparent png's are a must for most of these buttons because most of
them 'fade' out, or have a semi-transparent shadow.  To my knowledge,
jpg will not handle this as well.

> - a typo: it's button_blue_square_flat_bluetwo.png and not
> button_blue_sqare_flat_bluetwo.png

Only one? Amazing.  heh, I'll fix that this weekend.

> - I tried to sort the backgrounds because each color has the same 4 "types",
> but then I realised, why not let the user create his own background?  Give
> him a type and let choose him the color.  To be implemented somehow ....

That'd be cool.  I suspect most people won't/don't use the ver1
bacgrounds.  They were really a exercise in concept.  I am not really
happy with the variations in colors, and the poor quality of
compression on some of the colors.  I will think about making the
type-->color choice options in the future.  My only problem is I may
eventually scrap some of them in favor of a more nicely done set. 
We'll see.

This Monday the pool goes in, I have been chopping lumber from trees I
had trimmed, messing with the stupid septic system (which actually
turns out to have 2 fields instead of just one), running buried
electrical to the pool area, tearing down portions of my deck, dealing
with delivery people, dealing with installers, dealing with
electricians, and moving a garden of rocks to the other side of the
house.  I can hardly type this email, I hurt so bad.  Myxer is likely
to slow down for a week or two. heh

I plan on making the above changes this weekend, and my next project
is contacting some 10 KDE icon creators I found on kde-look.org.  I
would like to see if I can get at least 5 more sets of icons for
people to choose from.  All of the icons I am thinking about are GPL'd
or LGPL'd or DSL or Artistic2.0 liscensed.  I would think the first
three should be no problem to include, but anyone in the 'know' could
tell me more if they like.
> Maybe some of this is implemented in the new MythUI concept, I don't know.
> It will be next week before I can do some more work on this.

I wonder what timeline the MythUI concept is on, and if we might end
up with a 'Myxer' type selection where all aspects of the UI are
separate.  That way people could just come up with iconsets, or
buttons rather than whole themes, and theme quality is bound to soar
if that is the case.

Dave Hofstra

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