[mythtv-users] Perplexed on plextors

Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 18 18:28:14 UTC 2005

I somehow got rid of the driver loading error, its not
in dmesg anymore.

Troubles remain though, all of the time now MythTV
Live is black. Running gorecord fixes it. But now I
have a new problem, it aborts live tv after a few
seconds, and says there was a problem (MythTV screen).
I cannot find any explanation of the problem on
console or in the mythlog table. 

I am using US-analog cable. I use ntsc-cable in
gorecord, and I use us-cable in MythTV. I tried the
other entry (us-cable-grs?) no difference. 

--- Juan Jesús García de Soria Lucena
<skandalfo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello...
> 2005/6/18, Jason H <scorp1us at yahoo.com>:
> > And I still get an unable to load firmware message
> on
> > bootup. I;ve tried linking/copying the files
> around to
> > various places, but to no avail.
> I don't know about kernel firmware loading but...
> may it be that you
> have your firmware stored in a filesystem that's not
> mounted /
> available when the USB subsystem is initialized?
> I mean, if you have your USB support in-kernel (as
> opposed to it being
> modules) or if you're using an USB-starting initrd
> without the plextor
> modules, I think you may have this kind of
> problem... Try to delay the
> USB initialization to a later time when all
> filesystems are available
> (make USB modules instead of in-kernel, don't use
> initrd...).
> > Running the gorecord app makes it work. This
> obviously
> > shouldn't be the case. Without gorecord I now get
> a
> > green screen.
> Perhaps there's some "tuning" problem in MythTV that
> gorecord got
> properly programmed/configured... Check whether
> you've got some
> NTSC/PAL configuration missing in MythTV...
> Regards,
>    Juan Jesús.
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