[mythtv-users] WAP over mythweb question

Joe Buckshin jbuckshin at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 12:46:33 UTC 2005

Sounds like you're seeing the Default theme on your phone (I believe
the links to 'myth log' only exists in the Default theme) and your
phone is trying its best to render it.  The browser detection code may
not be handling your phone correctly, which probably should be using
the wap theme.

On 6/17/05, Neil Bird <neil at fnxweb.com> wrote:
>    I've been struggling to get WAP working from my (getting on a bit now
> Nokia 7210).  I can access my Myth pages, entering the htaccess password OK.
>    (There was a short period of confusion before I realised that all the
> top-level pages seem tot start the same way (myth log, 3 main links), so
> changing page apparently did nothing as that's all I had on screen.  Had
> to scroll down ...)
>    However, more often than not, I get 'File too large to download'.
> *Sometimes* I can get the front listings (channels) page.  Even after
> the error, I have a 'More' option in my menu alongside the 'Jump' and
> 'search', which I can select to get the next 'page' of channels (there a
> are a few).  However, whether that works or not, I cannot access
> anything other than 'previously recorded' without getting the error
> (search, etc.), meaning I can't set recordings remotely.
>    My question is this:  what is segmenting the first page, and what's
> determining that the file's "too large"?  I don't have much RAM on the
> phone, but I've cleared up a good 420+ Kb which I think should be enough.
>    Is it mythweb somehow (I can't see /anything/ that'd do this)?  Is it
> My phone?  Is it apache doing something clever with WAP?  Or is it my
> phone company's gateway getting in the way?
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