[mythtv-users] Problems with sound

Scott Simpson mythtv-users at scottsimpson.tv
Fri Jun 17 04:31:40 UTC 2005

Fedora 3, ATrpms, 2GHz processor, AverTV Studio Bt878 card

I have MythTV mostly working except for the following sound problems:

1. When watching live TV, I may have to disable then re-enable the Line 
In (using kmix or gnome-volume-control) to get sound to come out of the 
2. When I exit mythfrontend, it still plays the sound. Is is supposed to 
turn off the sound on the card or the Line In?
3. There is a delay between the person speaking and the sound (I don't 
get this delay with tvtime). Is this because the Bt878 card is a 
software decoding card? Is there any way to get around this?

Thanks for your help.
Scott.Simpson at computer.org

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