[mythtv-users] Backend & Back/Frontend specs.

Pete Clarke pete at dynotechnic.co.uk
Thu Jun 16 07:25:45 UTC 2005

#Deducing from the preceding emails:
#Pete is all of the following:
#1.  A geek
#2.  Rich
#3.  A computer nut
#4.  A geek with lots of toys
#5.  An A/V toy factory worker/owner with a specialty on HTPC
#6.  A geek
#We know for sure 1 and 6, but the rest are all speculation ;)

1, 3, 4 and 6 are all true I'm afraid.

#Sounds very nice!  The only thing I'd watch out for are noise from your
combined #FE/BE simply because it's in the lounge, which to me sounds like
it might be a #nice quiet room.

Normally it is, except when the kids are running riot!

Everything is going quite well, except getting the channel listings (via
xmltv and mythfilldatabase) ... Does anyone in the UK have a working
xmltv/mythfilldatabase "thing" running and willing to share some tips?


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