[mythtv-users] Backend & Back/Frontend specs.

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 04:17:09 UTC 2005

On 6/14/05, Pete Clarke <pete at dynotechnic.co.uk> wrote:
> #If you are going with the FX5200 (that's what I use, very happy with it),
> then
> #you don't need the video out feature of a PVR-350. Go with a PVR250,
> PVR-150
> #(cheaper), or a PVR-500 (dual tuner).
> #Everything else sounds pretty good. I currently have only a 200GB HD, and
> I'm
> #already looking to add another 200-400GB drive, but 240 should be plenty to
> #start with.
> :-) It will be using the 240GB purely for buffers, all recorded shows will
> be archived.
> <geek>I have a terrabyte FC RAID system at the moment for my file server,
> there is about 200gb left on that, with another potential 400gb (a spare
> Compaq 4100 enclosure) for archived video/audio.</geek>
> Will IDE be fast enough to buffer TV and watch it? (time-lapse - that kind
> of thing)..
> #Again, the PVR-150 will be cheaper than a 250, just make sure that you have
> a #motherboard that will support it. I read a post today where someone
> claimed that #they were not well supported on VIA chipsets or something.
> Search the archive, #you'll find lots of info about support (or lack
> thereof) for the PVR-150s and
> #500s. I use two PVR-250s and a PVR-500MCE in my box.
> I already have two PVR-250's - they only cost 44 each, brand new :-D
> I thought of using the 350 to see out things go, if I am happy with it I can
> rearrange the hardware later.
> How well supported is the 500MCE? I was under the impression that the 250
> and 350 were the most stable options..
> #It looks like you are only going for two tuners, one in each of these
> boxes. If #that's the case, why do you need a slave backend? Can't you fit 2
> capture cards #in the combined BE/FE? If not, go with a PVR-500 and
> eliminate the need for the #second box.
> I will be starting with the two tuners until I get more familiar with the
> whole system, then, the potential to add more really appeals to me :-)
> I like the idea of using a slave backend as I can add more storage to it a
> lot easier (the case for the combined fe/be is rather limited space-wise),
> and it will integrate into my network a lot easier too (it will be located
> in my server rack, connected via fiber channel to the main file server).
> Cheers,
> Pete.
> _______________________________________________

Deducing from the preceding emails:
Pete is all of the following:
1.  A geek
2.  Rich
3.  A computer nut
4.  A geek with lots of toys
5.  An A/V toy factory worker/owner with a specialty on HTPC
6.  A geek

We know for sure 1 and 6, but the rest are all speculation ;)

Sounds very nice!  The only thing I'd watch out for are noise from
your combined FE/BE simply because it's in the lounge, which to me
sounds like it might be a nice quiet room.

Good Luck!

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