[mythtv-users] seeking table issues

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Thu Jun 16 00:48:32 UTC 2005

> But now mythcommflag wants to run the commercial flagging *again* on
> all these programs as the commercial information is deleted from the
> recorded database. The only option I have is to do a ctrl-C on all of
> them and mark them *busy*. So, all the recorded program show up as
> currently being edited but without commercials.

mythcommflag previously ran flagging on all programs without commercial
break marks in the recordedmarkup table if you ran mythcommflag without
any command-line options.  I just committed a patch to CVS which makes
it so that it also checks the commflagged field in the recorded table
so it will not try to reflag shows if their recordedmarkup entries are
removed and will not try to flag shows that have the commflagged field
set to COMM_FLAG_COMMFREE (ie, '3') indicating they are commercial-free
because they were recorded off a commercial-free station.


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