[mythtv-users] Re: Playback vid corruption with HD NBC (1080i oramd64 related?)

gad at jetcom.org gad at jetcom.org
Wed Jun 15 16:23:46 UTC 2005

> That stuff relates to the capture functions common to both PVR-250 and
> PVR-350 -- it has the internal capacity to do simple spatial/temporal
> filtering, but this shouldn't cause the effect described.  (Especially
> if it appears only on the amd64 machine -- same recorded video?)

Yep. All of these problems don't seem to be related to the recordings, 
as i have 3 other frontends that display them fine.
> Is the video card different between your x86 and amd64 machines?
> Because, I'm really having a hard time seeing that the result of the
> deinterlace could be different between processor architetures..
> probably just coincidence?

Not really.  All nvidia cards. The 64 machine is a fx5300 (same as 5200 
except PCIe).  HD frontend is athlon xp-3200, with fx5200. slave 
backend is pentium 4 - 2.4 with nvidia fx 5200. I also have a laptop 
with pentium M 1.3 with ati. The 64 machine is the only one to 
experience *any* video problems. I know that there was some work in 
regards to the mmx-assembly in the code. I vaguely remember someone 
else in the mailing list reporting issues with bob on an 64. My other 
problem concerns me more, since there is no real workaround. Except 
watch things on the frontend upstairs ;) Has anyone else experienced 
anything like it? [See inital message in thread for description of that 

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