[mythtv-users] xine issues

Chuck Vohs fuzzie at vohslaw.com
Wed Jun 15 05:41:06 UTC 2005

I have myth running on a gentoo box with the frontend and backend.  It 
I also have xebian running on an xbox, as a frontend on another 
tv...that really rocks!

Now the bad news:  I can't get xine to play dvds on either.  (mplayer of 
course only played title 1).  I modified the command line to be xine -n 
-g f -p dvd:// from a post I found, but it still just hangs.

On the gentoo box, it might be because kde is also running (I would love 
to stop that from happening, and instead just have the frontend loop, so 
that if it crashes, it would just keep restarting).

On the xbox, it just goes to a blank screen.  Now I had heard that the 
xbox running xebian live cd (which I do from the apps dir) won't play 
dvd's with xine.  But I can't confirm that.

Anyone here know how to fix these issues?

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