[mythtv-users] seeking table issues

tv.mania tv.mania at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 12:08:01 UTC 2005


The recorded markup table seems to corrupt after every transcoding by 
hitting 'X' in playback box.  Running  "mythcommflag --rebuild" helps to 
correct it. However, it actually rebuilds every recorded show including 
old ones whose seeking table should have already built. Only few is not 
rebuilt again. With about 200 shows, this process takes about 3.5 hours. 
In the meanwhile I can't watch new recordings with good seeking 
function. I am planning to stack up all my disks space and there will be 
around 600 shows....

How come the seeking table is not rebuilt automatically after 
transcoding? How come the built markups need to be rebuilt again? If 
both problems are caused by my database, how to solve it without losing 
recorded show records in database? I'm reluctant to delete them all.


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