[mythtv-users] Multiple IR Blasters?

Darren Richards darren.richards at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 15:28:20 UTC 2005

> Actually, the circuit is a home-built IR blaster.  Assuming your box
> allows you to use different remote codes, you would simply configure the
> boxes and provide a lircd.conf that lists codes for two remotes--each
> using a separate code.
> For example, I have DISH network and created a lircd.conf that lists
> three remotes--dish, dish6, and dish9--using remote codes 1, 6, and 9.
> (I only have two receivers, but when calculating a second set of remote
> codes, doing a third was no extra work.)  Then, I set the channel change
> script for my inputs to use "change_channel dish" and "change_channel
> dish9" where change_channel is a script that accepts a LIRC remote name
> and a channel number and sends the appropriate signal.
> So, even though the signal is received by both boxes, it's ignored by
> the one using the other remote code.  That way, I can stack my DISH
> receivers right next to each other and control them with a single
> transmitter.  To do this, you need the improved transmitter--the LIRC
> simple transmitter doesn't have the range or breadth of signal to
> control more than one device.
> Mike

I have an almost identical setup, but I'm using two homebrew LIRC
simple transmitters wired in parallel, so each Dish receiver has it's
own transmitter.  I'm not sure how much the improved transmitter
costs, but it was only a couple bucks for an additional IR LED at
Radio Shack and it works great.

And just out of curiosity, were you able to use the IR9 codes as-is? 
For some reason, they didn't work for me.  I ended up having to
translate them to "RAW" codes...


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