[mythtv-users] Multiple IR Blasters?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Jun 8 03:28:52 UTC 2005

Ryan Tremaine wrote:

>Mike, please excuse my ignorance but my DIY electronics knowledge is limited
>at best.
As is mine.  That's what friends are for, though.  ;)

>Does Enrique's method allow you to transmit unique IR codes to
>each box? So there would be 2 light emitters? If so I'll definitely give
>this a try.
Actually, the circuit is a home-built IR blaster.  Assuming your box 
allows you to use different remote codes, you would simply configure the 
boxes and provide a lircd.conf that lists codes for two remotes--each 
using a separate code.

For example, I have DISH network and created a lircd.conf that lists 
three remotes--dish, dish6, and dish9--using remote codes 1, 6, and 9.  
(I only have two receivers, but when calculating a second set of remote 
codes, doing a third was no extra work.)  Then, I set the channel change 
script for my inputs to use "change_channel dish" and "change_channel 
dish9" where change_channel is a script that accepts a LIRC remote name 
and a channel number and sends the appropriate signal.

So, even though the signal is received by both boxes, it's ignored by 
the one using the other remote code.  That way, I can stack my DISH 
receivers right next to each other and control them with a single 
transmitter.  To do this, you need the improved transmitter--the LIRC 
simple transmitter doesn't have the range or breadth of signal to 
control more than one device.


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