[mythtv-users] Temporarily disable a channel [aka, ABC15_1-HD off-air in PHX]

Blammo blammo.doh at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 02:54:09 UTC 2005

Thanks to HD work taking place on the PHX market over the next few
weeks on the ABC channel, their HD OTA is offair. However, Myth tries
to record it anyway, and I end up with empty recordings.

What I'd LIKE to have happen, is for the recording to fail, and fail
over to the non-HD tuners I have. So here's the question:

How do I make a channel temporarily unavailable for scheduled
recordings, without having to delete it completely from the database?
I have a pile of things that are tied to that channel so I'd rather
not kill it completely.

As a note, unmarking "visible" only removes it from the channel list,
but "scheduled recordings" still shows the tuner in use.

2nd note: For most recordings, I already have (2) entries, one with a
-10 priority on a NON-HD Tuner, and one with a 10 priority on an HD
tuner. Because the HD tuner tries, it never "fails over" to the other

Any ideas??

(I'm including the article for others who might be in the PHX area,
and have been pulling their hair out, like I have been, as to why ABC
has been so "flakey" lately.)

------------------------------------------- QUOTE  


ABC15 to upgrade the Digital / High Definition Broadcast Signal

Friday June 10, 2005:

ABC15, the leader in High Definition programming, is pleased to
announce a significant upgrade in the "over the air" Digital / High
Definition services in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

These installations will double the digital / high definition signal
output power while creating a dual backup system to significantly
avoid outages. The DTV / HD broadcast transmitter installation will be
begin Friday, June 10, 2005 and will last over the next few weeks.
Unfortunately, during this installation period the DTV / High
Definition signal will not unavailable.  Due to the nature of this
installation the exact return date also is unavailable; however ABC15
has put full resources behind this effort to complete the upgrades as
quickly as possible.

In order to make these major state of the art upgrades, ABC15 must
remove most of the existing transmission path, add new components to
the current system and then complete a reinstallation of all the
equipment.  Before the system can return to the air, it must also
receive proof of performance testing and meet Federal guidelines. 
This overall process is expected to take several weeks.
ABC15 realizes this will cause DT / HD outages during some of the ABC
television network NBA Finals coverage.  We apologize in advance for
the outage during such an important sporting event, as we are required
to complete the installation at this time.

ABC15 is committed to providing the highest quality digital / high
definition signal available to Arizona's television viewers.  Again,
we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to
restoring the digital / HD service as soon as possible.

The E.W. Scripps Company is a diverse media concern with interests in
national lifestyle television networks, newspaper publishing,
broadcast television, television retailing, interactive media and
licensing and syndication. All of the company's media businesses
provide content and advertising services via the Internet.

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