[mythtv-users] Mythstream Tips Tricks

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Jun 12 17:03:05 UTC 2005

Phill Edwards wrote:

>>Unfortunately, though, the URL you chose isn't broadcasting.  This
>>happens sometimes--it seems some 'net radio stations don't like users
>>accessing their streams without using Microsoft Windows/Internet
>>Explorer/Windows Media Player (so they can force the user to download
>>ads), so they seem to switch up URL's/ports and it takes a while for
>>whomever posts the info to SHOUTcast to figure it out...
>>Note, also, if you chose a low-bitrate stream, since MPlayer has a large
>>cache (8MB by default), it may take a while for the stream to start
>>playing (up to a minute).  If this is the case, MythStream won't tell
>>you that there's no stream--it will just sit there for a while saying
>>So, best bet is to try again and choose a different station/different
>>URL for the same station.  BTW, to verify that the station isn't
>>broadcasting, you can use MPlayer and/or xmms (with xmms, I think you
>>have to use the GUI to select Play Location):
>I'll try these things. In the meantime I tried the mplayer command and
>got an error:
>$ mplayer
>mplayer: symbol lookup error:
>undefined symbol: _nv0019XvMCdynamic
>Could this be why I can't get any streams to work? Everything else
>seems to be working just fine and this is the 1st time I've seen any
>mplayer errors.
That would definitely cause problems.  MythStream simply passes the URL 
off to MPlayer and MPlayer does the work.  MythStream is an interface 
for managing stream lists.  So, once you fix MPlayer, it should work.


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