[mythtv-users] Re: DVB, Diseqc and scan

Johan Tufberg tufberg at home.se
Sun Jun 12 08:48:59 UTC 2005

belcampo wrote:

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>>I have a myth box setup with a TechnoTrend premium DVB-S that are
>>supposed to communicate with 2 LNB:s on one dish trough a Diseqc switch
>>(1.0, 2-way). The satellites I'm trying to use are Thor and Sirius.
>>I have entered the transponders and I have also been able to scan the
>>satellite on LNB1 but I can not seem to be able to get myth  so select
>>LNB2. When I try to scan the second satellite I get, NO LOCK.
>>If I switch the cables I get signal locked on LNB1 but still LNB2 seems
>>to be non-operating. I've read that there have been reports on this
>>listing that there may be some problems with LNB switching via Diseqc?!
>>Anyone that can shine some light upon this issue or give any direction
>>of where to search for answers...
>Hi Johan,
>What might be the reason is that in mythtv-setup, after you defined your card, 
>you have to define 2 video-sources. DVBS-1 and DVBS-2 of Thor and Sirius. 
>Then at Input-Connections you attach teh 'video-sources' to each channel.
>This is what solved my problem. Sounded logical after having it done but 
>didn't sound obvious to me in the first place.
>Henk Schoneveld
Hi again
Thx for replying Henk. I have already defined the video sources and
connected them to the corresponding LNB:s in the Input-Connection setup.
In my setup right now I've got Sirius on LNB1 and Thor on LNB2. I can
successfully scan the transponders I've added for the Sirius videosource
but I cannot get anything from LNB2, i.e. Thor? If i switch it all
around so that Thor is on LNB1 and Sirius is on LNB2 both in myth and on
my Diseqc i can scan the transponders of Thor and I get a signal locked.

I have also tried another Diseqc switch but the problem is still there.


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