[mythtv-users] DVB, Diseqc and scan

Johan Tufberg tufberg at home.se
Sat Jun 11 23:34:45 UTC 2005

I have a myth box setup with a TechnoTrend premium DVB-S that are 
supposed to communicate with 2 LNB:s on one dish trough a Diseqc switch 
(1.0, 2-way). The satellites I'm trying to use are Thor and Sirius.

I have entered the transponders and I have also been able to scan the 
satellite on LNB1 but I can not seem to be able to get myth  so select 
LNB2. When I try to scan the second satellite I get, NO LOCK.

If I switch the cables I get signal locked on LNB1 but still LNB2 seems 
to be non-operating. I've read that there have been reports on this 
listing that there may be some problems with LNB switching via Diseqc?! 
Anyone that can shine some light upon this issue or give any direction 
of where to search for answers...


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