[mythtv-users] Image quality of HD3000 for OTA sources

Scott catfather at donpoo.net
Thu Jun 9 22:49:33 UTC 2005

Greets -

I have a working MythTV box that I'm going to be updating to use with  
OTA - ATSC HDTV channels. I'm looking at using the HD3000 adapter  
like everyone else. On the pchdtv.com site there is a sample HDTV  
video clip (tst.tar aka tst.ts) at the bottom of the downloads page:  

I downloaded and played this clip on a few of my systems (Dual 2Ghz  
G5,  AMD64 3Ghz, and P4 2.8Ghz) using current mplayer and xine  
builds. In all cases the quality was shockingly bad. The most  
noticeable problems had to do with what appeared to be interlacing  
(shouldn't even be there?!) and edge artifacts like around the  
engineers head in the opening clip. The background zooming by the  
train in the second scene also showed noticeable problems with edges.

I'm curious if this is the quality that is expected from the HD3000  
or if this is just a recording of a poor quality 480i stream that  
might have been uprezed to some HDTV format. Is anyone willing to  
post 5 - 10 second clips of HDTV streams they've captured with the  

Scott <catfather at donpoo.net>
AIM: BlueCame1

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