[mythtv-users] Commercial skipping stopped working

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Jun 8 01:55:57 UTC 2005

> I'm wondering if turning the 'commercial flagging immediately' (or
> whatever it's called) option back on will break it again. Don't have
> time to check it right now, but perhaps tonight I can give it a shot.

Shouldn't have caused table corruption, so I doubt that's related to
relatime flagging.  More likely a reboot or hardware failure/crash
without properly shutting down mysql.

> Who works on the commercial flagging code (Chris Peterson???)? Is
> there anyone that might want some log info or something to help track
> the problem down if I find that it does re-occur? Let me know...

Different Chris (a.k.a. Me).  If you're running CVS, reupdate because
there have been a few bugfixes and quite a few enhancements recently related
to the realtime flagging, otherwise you'll have to wait till 0.19.  Most of
them weren't able to be ported back to the 0.18 fixes tree because there has
been a major code reorganization for the commercial flagging code.

Chris Pinkham

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