[mythtv-users] Commercial skipping stopped working

Devan Lippman devan.lippman at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 22:20:04 UTC 2005

try launching mythbackend with the verbose logging enabled. 
 mythbackend --help
Valid options are:
-l or --logfile filename Writes STDERR and STDOUT messages to filename
-p or --pidfile filename Write PID of mythbackend to filename
-d or --daemon Runs mythbackend as a daemon
-v or --verbose debug-level Prints more information
Accepts any combination (separated by comma)
of all,none,quiet,record,playback,channel,
--printexpire List of auto-expire programs
--printsched Upcoming scheduled programs
--testsched Test run scheduler (ignore existing schedule)
--resched Force the scheduler to update
--nosched Do not perform any scheduling
--version Version information

Devan Lippman devan at lippman.net 
  On 6/7/05, Egeekial <egeekial at comcast.net> wrote: 
> Well, I decided to take a look at recordedmarkup, and the last entry
> that's in there is marked 6-4-2005. I've recorded at least something
> every day. So for some reason, things are getting put into the
> recordedmarkup table. Any idea where I should start looking in order to
> debug?
> Garry Cook wrote:
> >On 6/7/05, kanetse at gmail.com <kane.tse at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> >>Sometimes the recordedmarkup table needs to be repaired in the database:
> >>
> >>>From a command prompt, run
> >>
> >>mysql -u mythtv mythconverg -p
> >>
> >>And then within mysql:
> >>
> >>REPAIR TABLE recordedmarkup;
> >>
> >>That should fix the table, if that was your problem. However, you
> >>will have to get MythTV to re-flag the commericals on the shows which
> >>were flagged while the table was corrupted.
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Hey, thanx! That worked perfectly for me. All of my old recordings
> >have their commercial flagging back, and as you stated, recordings
> >since the table broke need to be reflagged. After reflagging, they
> >work perfectly, perhaps even better than before the upgrade to 18.1
> >(from 18).
> >
> >I'm wondering if turning the 'commercial flagging immediately' (or
> >whatever it's called) option back on will break it again. Don't have
> >time to check it right now, but perhaps tonight I can give it a shot.
> >
> >Who works on the commercial flagging code (Chris Peterson???)? Is
> >there anyone that might want some log info or something to help track
> >the problem down if I find that it does re-occur? Let me know...
> >
> >--Garry
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