[mythtv-users] Confused about mythtranscode

Fedor Pikus fpikus at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 05:00:36 UTC 2005

Can someone explain me what exactly does mythtranscode do?
After I recorded something, I can choose from a menu to transcode it.
I see that mythtranscode runs, it's also mentioned in mythbackend log,
and if I had a file X.nuv, now X.nuv.tmp appears. The menu where I
launched the transcode from now offers to stop transcoding. Makes
sense, so far.

After a while mythtranscode ends and X.nuv.tmp becomes X.nuv.
Comparing to the old file, the new one is slightly smaller. The menu
changes to transcode once more.

So, mythtranscode converted my captured MPEG2 (from PVR-350 or 150) to
... what exactly? And what will happen if I transcode it again?

Fedor G Pikus (fpikus at gmail.com)

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