[mythtv-users] Front End Decode of MPEG2 Streams

Pane, Chris cpane at vanteon.com
Mon Jun 6 19:52:46 UTC 2005

I have a question regarding exactly how myth handles video playback. 


I am in the process of architecting a myth setup. I want to have 1 back end
server and multiple front ends. When a front end machine plays back an MPEG
2 file stored and managed on the back end, does it (front end) have to do
the actual decoding of the video? I have searched around on this topic some,
and many use the terms "Stream Video to the Front End" very loosely. In
reality, is the MPEG 2 movie exported from the back end to the front end via
simple NFS, and simply decoded on the front end?


The reason I ask is that I am thinking about using the Hauppauge PVR350 card
which has a MPEG Decode and Encode capability. If a PVR 350 is in the back
end computer, is the decode capability wasted (Since the same computer is
not being used as a front end) or will the back utilize the decode of the
350 to decode and stream the raw data to the front end for display. 


If the back end is simply using an NFS share to share the video data, and
the front end must decode I will save some bucks and go with the PVR 250 on
the back end. 







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