[mythtv-users] MPlayer doesn't play videos with sound?

Niklas Brunlid nbr at ticalc.org
Mon Jun 6 19:50:12 UTC 2005

In the process of adding more harddrives to my server as well as adding a  
PVR500MCE and changing the MoBo (and using an old P4) I've reinstalled  
everything by Jarod's guide. I just tried to play a video file in MPlayer  
and all I get is less than half a seconds worth of audio played twice  
(repeated) and the first frame (possibly a few frames) of video, then  
playback stops. If I play with the -nosound option the video plays fine.

I have arts deactivated and MPlayer selects alsa. I've tried -ao alsa and  
-ao oss, no difference.

Xine shows the same problem but can play back DVD:s just fine.

This is on a PVR350 TV-out, but mplayer can play back /dev/video0 fine,  
and the sound isn't even output by the 350, so shouldn't make a  

/ Niklas

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