[mythtv-users] mplayer audio sync issues

Adam Gianola devils.taco at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 15:52:09 UTC 2005

Yes this is exactly the problem, and its been easily corrected for me
with the -delay option.  I also noticed it happened after an 'apt-get
dist-upgrade' and I'm pretty sure alsa was updated then (as well as
most mythtv packages).  The alsa rpms I'm running must be:

alsa-driver-1.0.9rf-39.rhfc3.at and alsa-utils-1.0.9rf-14.rhfc3.at 

which look like the current versions on atrpms.  i'm not entirely sure
what the old versions were, but it had been at least 2 weeks or so
since the last dist-upgrade.  I haven't looked at the atrpms list, but
i'm cc'ing this message to that list in the hopes that the right
people notice this and may be able to comment if it is an rpm problem
or not.

FWIW, my mainboard is
SOYO SY-P4RC350 Socket 478 ATI 9100IGP (RS300) Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
with onboard sound 
ATI Technologies Inc IXP150 AC'97 Audio Controller


ps. is there a simple way to list the previously installed alsa
packages or downgrade?  my mind is failing me right now...

On 6/5/05, Marshall Crocker <marshall at iconux.org> wrote:
> I had the exact same problem last week after updating from at-rpms.  A
> number of packages were updated but I noticed that alsa was one of them
> so maybe it's the cause? It seems that only divx/xvid files are the
> problem though.  No problems with any other formats so far.
> I haven't had any luck tracking the problem down but I may downgrade
> alsa and see what effect that has.  Has your alsa recently been updated?
>   If so what were the previous and current versions?
> Marshall
> Adam Gianola wrote:
> > Hey folks,
> > Maybe I'm hallucinating (it is entirely possible), but suddenly when I
> > am watching videos using mplayer in 'watch videos' my audio is out of
> > sync with the video.  If I manually adjust to +0.275s by adding
> > '-delay 0.275' to the mplayer command line, it looks better.  This
> > only seems to happen with videos played using mplayer (xvid avis in
> > particular), but when I watch recorded videos (from pvr 250) they are
> > fine.  This only started happening in the last few days, before this,
> > videos which have the mismatch worked fine.  I'm just curious if
> > anyone else has seen this recently.  I've got a FC3 setup using
> > Thanks,
> > Adam
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